Solar Panels

us installing a farmyard solar panel

We recommend Green Concept Innovations for exterior work and for installing solar panels. Aaron and his crew did a great job fixing the tin roof on both our shop and Quonset. The solar panels look state-of-the-art and people keep asking about them! Aaron was great to deal with. We will definitely be calling him for any future jobs we have! – Angela W.

Saskatchewan has the highest potential to produce solar power in Canada. We receive more solar irradiation than any other province or territory. Unfortunately, we also have some of the most expensive power costs. These energy prices are only going to rise. It is time to harness the sun’s power by installing solar panels. Hire a solar installation company!

Solar Installers / Roofers

What if one company could set up of everything? There would be no need to hire an electrician, roofers or general contractor. There would be no delays or complications. Communication and liability issues would be eliminated. This is why Green Concept Innovations is a one-stop solar shop!

We can even throw a new roof into the package! Our professional roofers are on hand at all times when installing solar panels for you. They ensure that your roof does not get damaged and is not compromised. We can save you money and time by doing everything in house.

Customized Solar Panel Installation

Working on a budget? We will design a system for your needs as well as your financial constraints. Each setup is unique to the customer. We start with a site inspection at your home, farm or company building. Our findings inform the cost estimate and are the foundation of the planning stages.

We can future-proof your solar energy collection. Your plan can accommodate additions and expansions. We will also set up a maintenance package so your system will continue for many years.

Brands We Use

Free Sense Monitoring System

We are offering a free Sense Solar monitoring system and installation ($500 value) with all of our solar installations.
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