ZBar Rigid Insulation Systems

rigid insulation installation on exterior walls

I had the guys out last year and did my entire roof in metal over top of existing shingles. Everything went perfectly and was done in 2 days! Also included were new eves/gutters, etc.. It was priced fairly. I would highly recommend Aaron and his team for your project. – Brent H.

zbar insulation system bracket

If you are looking to lower your heating and cooling costs, exterior insulation with our ZBar insulation systems are worth considering. Placed on the exterior of the home, rigid insulation can increase your home’s R-value, reduce drafts and lower your energy costs.

How does the ZBar Insulation system work?

Our ZBar Insulation system is fabricated onsite, allowing for a custom fit. This provides flexibility for new and retrofit installations.

Made of galvanized steel, the ZBar is mounted to the building by fastening it to the studs on the inside of the wall. Spaced 16 or 14″ on centre, the ZBar brackets are used to hold rigid styrofoam insulation in place against the wall.

Benefits of the ZBar Insulation System

The biggest benefit of the ZBar Insulation system is the ability to use the bracket flange to fasten siding to the building. This makes for a sturdier, longer-lasting siding installation.

Without the ZBar channel, standard siding installation uses longer nails or screws to fasten the siding through the rigid insulation into the plywood, and if you’re lucky, into a stud.

This means that every siding fastener is anchored to the building’s studs!

The ZBar Insulation System is truly the best way to insulate the exterior of a home or commercial building. If you’re looking to improve the R-Value of your home through an exterior renovation, contact us today to get it done properly the first time.

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